The Iranian Nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri, who has reached Teheran from his exile after more than a year, has left $5 million cash that had been promised by the CIA, which was considered as a part of a ‘benefit package’ to the scientist. It was when Amiri had defected Iran’s nuclear program, and had come to the US, when the CIA reportedly offered him $5 million for the information about their country’s nuclear program.


Reports say that CIA offers such types of funds in an escrow system, where the person is paid money in small amounts. But before Amiri returned to Iran, there was huge amount of money left behind by him. According to the CIA officials, Amiri who had escaped Iran last year, started to feel that he didn’t want to stay in the US any more as he could be sent back. And then even after working with the CIA, and with CIA offering him resettlement in the US, he discarded the offer of $5million, for the fact that he did not want to leave Iran in the first place.

The CIA has stated, the Amiri had shown the urge to go back to his own country in the early 2008, but then the CIA felt that this move by Amiri, would bring a suspicion on him, that he might be spying in the US for Iran.


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