After around 17 years, beverage giant Pepsi has introduced a new shape for its 567 gram bottle. The new bottle has a contoured lower half which makes it easier to hold, while the wrap around label is shorter, so that most of the drink is visible.


The new change is part of the various improvement the company has made in recent years. In the past, the company has changed the way it does business, which has had improved results for its namesake soda. This included a multi-year deal as a sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show and various deals with the international star Beyonce.

Pepsi Co. Inc is based in New York and has been working to revitalize its brand after losing its market share to Coca Cola Co. in recent times. A spokesperson from the company – Andrea Foote, said that the introduction of the new bottle is a part of the company’s upgrade plan for marketing and packaging material of the drink.

Pepsi’s single serve bottles which are served in coolers at the drug stores and other retailers will start rolling out in the month of April 2013. The spokesperson also said that it might take a year or two before the new bottles are entirely replaced.


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