Indian auto makers have been facing a heavy downfall in the sales of their vehicles of late. Due to this situation, various vehicle manufactures have been offering heavy discounts for the time being, so as to attract customers. However, Maruti Suzuki said that it will have to cut its production in case the slump in car sales continues.


The chairman of the Indian auto giant, RC Bhargava said that the industry was not experiencing happy times these days. He went on to say that he has witnessed a negative growth as well. Bhargava added, “Shutdown of production line will depend on how market behaves”. Petrol car sales in recent times have been falling since the month of December 2012, where a 12 percent drop was recorded. In January 2013 it fell by 15 percent and in February 2013, it fell by 21 percent.

However, the auto giant is still hopeful that the sales of diesel cars will grow from 4,00,000 units to 4,65,000 in the next financial year. Diesel car production had increased by 54 percent in the month December 2012, 60 percent in the month of January 2013 and 22 percent in February 2013.

Maruti are also expecting a positive sales growth in 2012-13, but are not keeping their fingers crossed. Bhargava added that he did not think that the next financial year will be any different from the current one in terms of sales.