As the Indian festival of colors approaches, Bollywood veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan has appealed for a dry Holi this year. The state of Maharashtra has been hit by a severe drought, one of the worst since the year 1972.


The ‘Black’ actor Tweeted, “Water shortage in Maharashtra…And it’s only March. What will happen in Summer? Save Water! Play a dry Holi!!” It is not just Amitabh,  even other actors, politicians and celebrities are trying their best to create awareness of the ongoing problem.

Even businesses are promoting the idea of conserving water by not promoting water products. Online store Tohfa India, which sells Holi merchandise, has taken  water products off its shelves. Sudhir Mishra, from the online portal said, “We have launched products that use a minimal amount of water and we are getting good support from customers. They are promoting this cause and they are equally worried and thoughtful about supporting people in Maharashtra through minimum use of water [sic].”

Students from the University of Mumbai have joined the efforts by performing on the streets with the message of saving water this festival. Manali Bhandarkar, a member of the campaign said that an awareness drive to make people aware of the water situation in the state of Maharashtra has been started as well.


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