Asia Bizz: Two Indian Origin Brothers Die In US Plane Crash

It has been reported that there were two Indian brothers that have died in the US plane crash in Texas. One of them was a Pilot instructor, who died along with an American national on the plane.

single engine plane

Picture shows a single engine plane

The brothers were identified as Kartik Kalichelavan (22) and Pratik Kalichelavan (19), who have died in the crash which took place in a small town of Tolar, which is located some 45 miles south west of Forth Worth Texas.

Along with them, was an American national named Casey Brinegar, 26, who died in the crash. Pratik had been studying Dentistry in India, and had come to the US to visit his brother, and was scheduled to go back soon. Kartik and Casey were showing Pratik Texas from the sky, and they were flying a four seater single engine aircraft.

The crash occured during the landing, when the right wing of the plane hit the ground and then the plane nose dived and started to tumble and caught fire. Kartik and Casey died on the spot and Pratik was taken to the hospital by air where he later succumbed to his injuries. The cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.


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