Asia Bizz: United States Of America Offers $7.5 Billion Aid To Pakistan

Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary announced several new projects with Pakistan that focus on the improvement of water, energy and health sectors of the country. The U.S. is offering $7.5 billion aid to Pakistan.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The aim is to prove that America is not just stuck up with providing security to fight against Taliban and Al Qaeda militants for Pakistan but are also making efforts to improve the lives of the average Samaritans there.

Hillary said, “We know that there is a perception held by too many Pakistanis that America’s commitment to them begins and ends with security, but security is just one piece of this vital partnership. We share with Pakistan a vision of a future in which all people can live safe, healthy, and productive lives; contribute to their communities; and make the most of their own God-given potential.”

It is observed that Pakistan has anti- America feeling prevailing in the country and US is trying hard to remove or at least minimize that feelings from within the Pakistanis.