By the end of the financial year in 2015, electronic giant Toshiba Corp said that it would add about 100 women executives to its managerial ranks. The move will be taken by the giant to improve its competitiveness by tapping more talented females.


The company plans to have 5 percent of its managerial positions to be held by women in the future, as compared to the 3.7 percent now. A spokeswoman on April 1, 2013 said that the move will also raise the number of female executives at Toshiba from 270 to 370.

With the recent step, the tech giant hopes to diversify its workforce to survive in the increasing global competition. The spokeswoman added that Japan lags behind in terms of gender equality at the workplace, but the company hopes that the new move will help it come closer to international standards.

Similar moves have been seen at other large firms, including Nissan motors. Nissan plans for around 10 percent of the executive population to be filled by females by the end of financial year in 2016, as compared to the current 6.7 percent. However, these target figures are still low as compared to other states in the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


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