Vinay Sharma, one of the accused in the horrendous Delhi Gang rape case, has on April 2, 2013 filed an application in the court for a proper diet of milk and fruits to be given him in jail. The accused has also requested for the supply of a newspaper. The application was filed by Sharma’s lawyer AP Singh, who told the judge that his client must be given a good diet so that he can study well.


Singh, while talking to the judge said that it is was a question of his future and that is why he had applied for the effects. The court, in response to the application, has directed Tihar Jail to provide their comments on the application by tomorrow.

While talking to reporters outside the courtroom Singh said that the application has been made to provide him with a diet of fruits and milk, as he was preparing for the Indian Air Force Category C entrance test and that he will need nourishment to prepare well.

The counsel of the accused informed that the subject was preparing for the entrance test which is to be held on April 7, 2013. At present, Sharma has two tutors who are coaching him in jail and after the entrance test, he will have to take the BA exams as well.