Asia Bizz: President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron To Have Talks On The BP Issue

U.S. President Obama and the British Prime Minister David Cameron, are looking ahead to have talks on the matters related to controversial BP Oil leak, which would be a testing topic.


Cameron will be visiting Washington, in a tense situation where the Obama administration has already being lashing the BP due its catastrophe in the gulf. Cameron would be visiting the Obama administration, promising the BP pensioners and investors that he would be standing up for the company.

During the G20 summit last month, countries has agreed to focus more on the war in Afghanistan, but the situation created by the BP on America and its part played in stalling the economic recovery, has really put the historic relationship between both the countries at stake. As per the statement by the British Prime Minister regarding the relationships between them, he stated that he would be concentrating hard on the countries relationship with each other, and would try to strengthen bonds with each other and also with the Asia’s economic giants, India and China.


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