Auto manufacturer Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited, on April 3, 2013, launched its electric car e20 for the Bangalore market. On a full charge, the car can clock up to 100 km, with the battery lasting for at least five hours.


The company says that the e20 had the capacity to seat four adults including a driver. The vehicle weighs 830 kgs. Chetan Maini, the Mahindra Reva Chief of strategy and  technology said after launching the car in Bangalore that the e20 is powered by lithium ion batteries and runs on a three-phase electric motor on auto drive mode.

Maini said, “Besides regular recharge of batteries through a 15 A socket either at home or office, the battery can be recharged through solar panels too.” The chief went on to say that 100 public charging points have been installed across the city for emergency requirements. He also said that the car can be charged on an emergency basis with the help of a remote emergency charge, after which the car can drive for about 10 kms.

The e20 is available for about Rs. 6 lakh on-road in Delhi due to the subsidies.


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