Asia Bizz: Headley Exposes Military and Official Links During Questioning – NSA

David Headley, who helped the LeT in plotting the 2008 Mumbai Terrorist attacks, had disclosed some important patronage behind the terrorist groups, as stated by the NSA adviser Shivshankar Menon.

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks
The 26/11 terrorist attacks. In the picture, the Taj hotel is up in flames

He stated in his confession that there is no doubt that there are militant and official links with these establishments. He also reportedly pointed out that these links are getting stronger and stronger by day. After the interrogation of Headley, the worst fears of the country has come true, and now the definition of terrorism in South Asia has a wider scope.

In the recent years now, these terror groups are coming together and merging with agencies and militants to strengthen themselves. Menon is the second high ranking personnel who has spoken about the terrorists and the militants in the neighboring country coming together.

G.K. Pillai, Home Secretary, who had been Islamabad recently, has said that the ISI today had a very strong influential role to be played in the Mumbai attacks. And some reports even confirm, that the intelligence agency has controlled the whole 2008 attack operation from the beginning to the end.


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