The Tokyo Electric Power Company said on April 7, 2013, that they have found another underground storage pool which has been leaking radioactive water, at the disaster-hit Fukushima power plant number 1. On Friday, the first pool from No.2 has reportedly leaked 120 tons of highly radioactive water.


On April 7, 2013, the size of the leak at pool No. 3 was confirmed as 3 litres. The leaks in the pools might pressurise Tepco to review its storage strategy for the toxic water, which has become a menace for the company. The company said that since the leak is small, it does not have any plans to drain pool number three into another storage area, as is being done with pool number 2.

The pools in the plant are a part of a group of seven vast clay lined storage pits at the plant, which measure 60 meters long, 6 meters deep and 53 meters wide. Every part is covered with three layers of protective waterproof lining, however the main question on everyone’s lips is how the water managed to escape.

This will remain a mystery until the faulty pipes are drained and examined. Tepco, on Saturday, said that it has detected just 0.11 becquerel of radioactive substances which emit beta particles like strontium.


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