China’s capital city Beijing is planning to connect its new international airport to its downtown area through a 40 km urban rail transit line, which will run along three expressways. Two international airports will also be connected by urban rail transit in the capital, which will allow passengers to travel between the two locations in 30 to 40 minutes.


The construction on the new capital airport in Beijing is expected to begin next year. The airport will be constructed in the city’s less developed southern area and will be put to use by the year 2018. Liu Yinchun, the deputy director of Beijing’s municipal commission of development and reform, during a radio program, said that the  rail transit line will be built linking downtown Beijing to the new airport in 30 minutes.

Beijing is also all set to complete a plan for the new airport’s water, electricity, heat supply and garbage disposal facilities this year. The Capital International Airport in Beijing has been named as the world’s second busiest airport for three year in a row. The new airport will ease the pressure on the existing one and will have 6 runways that will be made available for civilian use. Approximately USD 11.3 billion will be used to construct the new airport.


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