Auto giant Toyota has announced that it will recall 1.73 million cars worldwide, including 76,000 in the UK. Apart from Toyota, Honda will be recall 1.14 million units, Nissan will recall 480,000, while Mazda will recall 45,463 cars in all. All these companies have cited the same malfunction with the incorrect inflation of passengers side airbags.


The spokesperson from the auto company Toyota said that the recall was based on five cases of airbags, which inflated incorrectly in Japan and the US. However, none of the companies have reported injuries due to the defect. He also said that the UK recall had affected those cars which have been registered between November 2000 and March 2004, which carried plate numbers between X and 54.

The recall has affected models like the Corolla, Camry and Picnic. The spokesperson said, “Anyone affected will be contacted in the next few weeks”. It was also assured that if the defect was found then it is expected to take around an hour and a half to repair.

Takata, the Japanese auto parts maker said that it supplied the airbags to Toyota and other companies. Honda said that the faulty airbags can overinflate and burst, thereby spraying deadly metal shards all around. The problem occurred due to two human errors during the production.


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