Asia Bizz: Iranian Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Reports Sensitive Information About The CIA

The Iranian Nuclear scientist who had reached his motherland, Iran, last week after staying for years in exile, is reported to have provided valuable and sensitive information of the CIA, stated a local news agency in Iran. Some sources have also stated that the stay of Shahram Amiri, in the U.S. was a picture perfect plan made by the Iranian Intelligence agency.


Pic Courtesy: AP

To prove that Amiri had been with the CIA, he provided the proof of two CIA vehicles number plates. There has been no immediate response from the CIA on this topic. And in honor of Amiri, the Iranian film studio is about to make a movie which shows that Amiri was kidnapped by the U.S. officials. Amiri was a hero when had come back home.

Amiri had been issued $5 million in exchange of valuable information from Iran and its Nuclear program. These reports have been published by Iranian news agency Fars on Wednesday.


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