If the the social networking site Twitter gets its way, then its millions of subscribers will also be able to find music on the site. The new music feature will use the listening habits of the website’s users, friends and contacts and will automatically recommend music for them.


The 200 million users on the site talk to each other via ‘tweets’ and now they will find another reason to stay logged in. However, it is still not clear as to what kind of music will be provided on the site. On April 12, 2013, Twitter set up a webpage that was blank and just had the company logo, ‘#music’ and a sign-in tab on it. When a user clicked the tab, they were asked to allow a trending music application to access their account.

The spokesperson of Twitter Shavine Charles, refused to answer questions about the new service though. Ted Cohen, a former label executive who is now a consultant to digital music companies said, “Music is one of the most tweeted topics”. With its latest move, it appears that Twitter is looking forward to expanding its user base by offering them more services within the framework of their website.


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