Media reports have claimed that computer manufacturing giant Microsoft is sourcing components for the prototype of a potential watch-style device. The latest development has pointed to the fact that the company might be joining the likes of Apple and Samsung in creating a smartwatch.


Reports from Wall Street Journal have claimed that Microsoft has requested 1.5-inch displays from component makes of the prototype. However, it is still not clear whether the company will go ahead with the idea and make the watch. In recent times, the concept of a smartwatch has been garnering great interest and might also become the future of mobile and consumer electronics.

Meanwhile, Sony already markets a watch which has the ability to sync with an Android phone and allows users to read SMS’, set calendar reminders, read emails and receive social networking updates from sites like Facebook and Twitter. The watch also has a Bluetooth headset, which allows users to receive or reject calls.

In India, the device is available for Rs. 6,299. Apart from the phone manufacturer, Pebble has also started marketing its own device, which connects to the iPhone and Android smartphones with the help of Bluetooth. It helps to alert users with a silent vibration for incoming calls, messages and emails.


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