Asia Bizz: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Announces The Discontinuation Of All Ties With Colombia

The Venezuelan government has officially announced that it has discontinued all diplomatic relations with its neighbor Colombia. After the announcement, it has reports say that it requested all the Colombian officials residing in Venezuela, that to return to their country by Sunday.

Hugo ChavezPresident Hugo Chavez (Pic Courtesy: Telegraph)

This move came, after Colombia blamed Venezuela for being a hub for local Guerrillas. This accusation has been strictly denied by Venezuela President Hugo Chavez. He has also reportedly ordered the army to be on high alert along the border of Venezuela.

Colombian Foreign Minister stated that they were also considering discontinuing all commercial flights and trade relations with Venezuela.

The statement of discontinuation of ties with Colombia, came after the meeting of the Organization of States in Washington, where, Colombia provided videographic and photographic evidence that the Marx Farc and ELN rebellions have their bases situated in Venezuela.

President Chavez also stated that the evidence provided by Colombia is fake, and the Venezuela is already trying their best to stop rebels from entering their country. He also added that the President of Colombia is “madman, a mafia boss and a criminal”.


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