Organisers of China’s largest trade event The Canton Fair, have launched an electronic commerce service on April 15, 2013, with an aim to improve trade efficiency. The Canton Fair is a large trade event which is held twice-yearly.


Liu Jianjun, the spokesperson of the event said that the service was a big advance against the previously imposed limits on the event. Liu said, “Based on the resources of more than 1 million overseas buyers, the e-commerce platform will better serve Chinese exporters in conducting year-round trade with global clients”.

The spokesperson went on to say that apart from efforts from China to upgrade its manufacturing industry, they were also developing a traditional transaction site at the fair into a more efficient e-commerce platform. Liu added that with the diversified sales channels from the Chinese exporters, he expects more transactions to be made after the trade fair.

According to the spokesperson, the trade fair will help the e-commerce platform to reduce trade costs, which will ultimately benefit Chinese exporters. Liu added that with the increase of demands from the emerging markets, foreign trade in China is expected to steadily grow this year. During the first quarter of 2013, exports rose to 13.4 percent and the exports increased by 18.4 percent.


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