Asia Bizz: White Apple iPhone 4 Launch Rescheduled To The End Of 2010

Apple has announced that the launch of the white iPhone 4 model, which was scheduled in the month of July, has been rescheduled to be launched at a later part of this year. Reports say that it has been facing challenges in manufacturing the gadget, and hence the date had to be rescheduled. There has been no exact date decided or announced by Apple for the gadget’s launch.

White iPhone 4

Apple’s statement has come only one month after the launch of the iPhone in the market, and now it has said that it is finding difficulty in the manufacturing of the product, as the ongoing issues of the antenna and reception are still hovering over the company.

But, Apple has not explained what challenges they are facing in manufacturing, or it may be just to compromise the flow of demands from the black iPhone 4 in the market. It is noticed that Apple has been having grave problems from the time the iPhone has been launched, what they had previously termed it as the most successful product launch ever.