India will soon have an Appstore on Amazon for Android. The online shopping giant announced that it will expand its Appstore for Android to about 200 countries, including Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, India, Australia, South Korea, Vatican City and Papua New Guinea. The developers have been asked to submit their apps for distribution in these countries.


Amazon will be internationally launching its Appstore for its Android consumers and the apps will be made available in the upcoming months. Registered developers who want international distribution will have the apps automatically made available for download.

The new development has come in a series of Amazon Appstore for Android launches. This includes France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan. Peter Sleeman, the director of P2 Games in the UK said, “We launched our Kindle Fire version of Peppa Pig in January 2013 and within a couple of weeks we saw the sales on Kindle Fire overtake Google Play to a factor of four or five times”.

P2 Games is a UK-based publisher for interactive games. The mobile application was first opened in March 22, 2011 and is available in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. The store was launched with about 3,800 free as well as paid applications.


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