It is expected that the ban on Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners might soon be lifted by US aviation authorities. Sources from the aviation industry say that there are chances of the authorities lifting the ban, which will allow airlines across the globe to resume flights with the help of the advanced jet.


However, the actual cause of the smoky battery related incidents with the jet are yet to be identified. The US Federal Administration has permanently judged that the company’s remedy for the troubled lithium ion batteries will remove the risk of fire. On the other hand, carriers like All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines will not be resuming operations with the aircraft any time soon and could even push the start date till June 2013.

The recommended modifications will take time to complete and the pilots will need more training as well. Boeing, in the month of March 2013, had proposed a set of solutions for battery improvements, such as changes to the design and the addition of an enclosure to safely release pressure during a calamity.

The new battery system was demonstrated in a final test flight earlier this month. Around 50 Dreamliners were sidelined after one airplane had an issue of smoke being generated in the cockpit, due to battery issues.