Asia Bizz: Mass Grave With 50 Bodies Found in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

A grave, with as many as 50 bodies, was found by Mexican soldiers in the Northern State of Nuevo Leon. The police officials have found petrol traces and believe the spot might be used for victimizing people.

Grave in Mexico
Pic: Reuters UK

The investigation results claim that this area would have been used for torturing and killing of people by some drug gangs.
The police informed that information from an unknown source led them to this spot.

The probe by the Crime Scene Investigators is on. The bodies that were found were highly decomposed and hence could not be identified. They are searching for more bodies by digging the area more. Alejandro Garza, the Nuevo Leon State Attorney General informed that the investigating officials still have to find for three such pits more.

Two more such graves were found in Nuevo Leon, a battlefield for the rival drug gangs.

BBC reports that more than than 200 people have vanished in the border state in the past three years.


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