Search engine giant Google is soon going to introduce its iconic homepage which will be personalised for every user. The new page will have relevant information about the weather and traffic conditions and even a user’s stock market information.

googleAt present, the logo of the website’s homepage has a white screen with a search box and a Google logo. The search engine intends to introduce ‘Google Now’, which is a personalised homepage feature for Android phones, search pages and the web. Google Now is currently being tested and the website recently revealed a code which contains introduction about.Google Now and states, “Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time.”

At this point though, it is still not clear how Google Now will look for desktop users. The new system works by using various user data like the home location, so as to create a completely personalised homepage, which shows relevant information like weather, traffic conditions and nearby places.

The homepage will also alert users about traffic updates, arrange an alternative route to work, or tell them the live score of their favourite sports team. Though all these things are available on the internet, the search engine intends to make it all available at one place for the user.


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