Pre-paid customers of the telecom giant Vodafone are in for a treat from the company, as it launches a new national roaming plan. People end up paying hefty call charges when they are on roaming. To solve this problem, the company has launched a new plan in which the subscribers will have to pay Rs. 30 paise-per-minute for an incoming call across the country.


Even the outgoing call rates have been made competitive, with just Rs. 1.5 paise-per-second for all local STD calls, while roaming or at home. The company released a statement which said, “Vodafone pre-paid customers will be able to receive incoming calls while roaming on Vodafone network at 30 paise per minute across the country. Outgoing call rates are highly competitive at 1.5 paise per second for all local and STD calls, while roaming or at home”.

The plans also comes with a benefit of 30 days, with tariff validity of 180 days. The roaming packs are available for Rs. 26 and Rs. 47 ,which vary according to the call circle. In New Delhi, the packs are available for Rs. 21 and Rs. 42, but the plan is currently not available in states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Odisha.

Vodafone will be charging for SMS and data according to the standard rates.


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