The U.S. stock index on Wall Street has opened on a lower note today as investors have taken a break, after last week showed strong earnings on the index. At 05.00 A.M. ET, the S&P 500 fell by 0.2, Dow Jones by 0.3 and Nasdaq100 fell by 0.1. Stocks of the European origin, during the opening in the morning, following the stress test conducted on European banks last week.

Stock Market

BP gained on the opening today as it went up 1.6%. Changes came because of the announcement of the arrival of a new chief in the company since Tony Hayward exits. He will be replaced by Bob Dudley, an American executive who is handling the response operation of the Gulf Oil Spill. (Reuters)

U.S. stocks had risen on Friday, as GE had announced of making an increase in its dividends, this helped change the mindset of the investors. Overall Dow Jones had an earnings of 102.32 points which is an equivalent to 0.99% gain and NASDAQ had an earning of 23.58 points which is 1.02% in gain.


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