After a long wait, the Japanese transport ministry will allow Boeing 787 Dreamliners to resume flights from April 26, 2013. The Boeing flights were grounded after several aircraft had reported problems and one of the flights had to make an emergency landing. However, airlines in Japan will not be putting these flights onto commercial routes till the month of June 2013.


The recent move has been taken after the US Federal Aviation Administration took the decision to allow the 787s to fly from Friday. It had approved the use of the modified Boeing battery system last week, despite the fact that the root cause of the problem had not been found yet.

On the other hand, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have already begun installing the newly modified lithium ion batteries on their aircraft. These airlines have more 787s than any other airline in the world and are planning to conduct test flights with the revamped 787s for at least a month before they begins the commercial operations.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Airlines is expected to resume operations of their 787s on Saturday and US Airlines is looking forward to resuming its flights by late May 2013.