Asia Bizz: North Korea May Threaten US-South Korea Naval Exercises Off South Korean Coast

South Korea and the US began a series of Naval exercises in the sea off the coast of South Korea, with the US Navy nuclear powered aircraft carrier moving out in the open seas. North Korea has warned that it would retaliate strongly against the US if it fears of any threatening situation against it.

War Ship

This situation clearly reflects that tense situation between the two countries in the divided region of Korea, since 1953. The tensions took a new toll again in the month of May this year, when a South Korean naval ship was torpedoed and sunk. UN, US and investigators from all over the world came to the conclusion that North Korea sunk the ship.

Last week, South Korea and the US had placed a new set of sanctions on the North Koreans, which the North Koreans stated as unfair. North Korea has vowed that it will start a ‘Sacred War’ against the two nations “any time necessary”, or whenever they feel the situation is threatening to N.Korea. Resources also state that North Korea has put its people and the military on high alert, for the country may enter into a disturbing situation at any time.


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