After a long wait Samsung enthusiasts can finally rejoice, as the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has been launched in the Indian market. The new S4 has been launched for Rs 41,500 and comes packed with the latest and some of the best hardware to be found on any mobile phone. It has a huge 5-inch screen, 1080p full HD super AMOLED display.


This exemplary device also has the industry’s first eight-core processor, along with several software enhancements which the company claims will improve the overall user experience. With the launch of the device, the smartphone competition in the market has heated up. The S4 comes with several technologies infused in it to help the user interact with the phone.

One of the newer features of this phone includes a screen sensor which senses fingers hovering just above the screen. Also, a new email application allows for the first few lines of an email to be read when a finger hovers above an email in the list. For the gallery application, an expanded thumbnail shows an expanded image as well.

The company believes that the new S4 will set a new standard in the smartphone industry. Apart from the latest technology, the S4 smartphone has a 20 percent bigger battery, as compared to the S III.


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