Charging a mobile phone in an electricity crisis can be a major concern for those who need to be constantly connected. Researchers from Sweden have now developed a new and unique device, which can help charge a cell phone with just water as a source of energy. Just a spoonful of the liquid is enough to get instant power for the battery of a mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

mobile phone charger

The device can be useful for anyone who spends time away from electricity, where a device known as PowerTrekk can supply power for critical devices, which would be handy for warfighters and help the workers who are deployed in remote areas. The device uses either fresh or salt water and can extend the battery life of a phone by up to 3 watts.

If an iPhone has to be charged, the new charger would be enough to charge between 25 to 100 percent of its battery capacity. The device has been designed by the team after more than 15 years of research in micro fuel technology.

The water compartment of the charger has to be filled with about one tablespoon of water and the lid is to be closed and connected to the USB cable. It then begins charging automatically as the water inside reacts with a small disposable metal disc, which causes hydrogen gas to be released. The company is now trying to develop charger for larger devices like laptops.


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