In another incident in the baby food adulteration case, three food companies have recalled about 23 batches of food supplement, after it was found that they contain excessive levels of mercury. The customers and distributors are being contacted for the recall.

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Chen, the public relations manager for Heinz, said on May 1, 2013, “We contacted our distributors and customers and started to recall all five batches of dried tuna fish floss yesterday.” The five other batches are among the 23 batches of product which are all made from deep-sea fish. They have also been ordered for a recall by the food safety authorities.

The tests on the samples have shown that they contain an average of 0.03 mg of mercury per Kg. A total of 830 infant foods were tested, out of which 807 samples were up to standard. According to initial investigations, all the mercury came from deep-sea fish, while the mercury levels in other products were not high enough to pose health risks for infants. The information was given by the China National Center for Food and Safety Risk Assessment.

The statement said, “However, monitoring of baby food should be intensified as infants are sensitive to food safety risk.” The five batches of tuna fish floss will be recalled by China.


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