Asia Bizz: Taliban States New Militia By US, Plan To Split Afghanistan

Taliban has made a statement saying that the new militias created by the US troops in Afghanistan, like the new police unit, is a move by the Americans to separate. Recently President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan accepted the proposal of creating a controversial Police unit that would be used to specially tackle the Taliban rebels.

Taliban States New Militia By US

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has decided the Local Police Force (LPF) would be helping the Afghani National Police in protecting the rural areas of Afghanistan from rebellion attacks. The Taliban stated in their website that the LPF that has been formed is an intimate move by the Americans do divided Afghanistan before they exit next year.

They also stated that the Foreign forces in the country have witnessed a shameful defeat and as they move out it is a move to keep the Afghan land into a continuous war situation.

The Afghanistan Government has not yet decided on what would be done with the LPF, but this move has come when the year has been the bloodiest year for the foreign forces in the Middle East, and the upcoming Parliamentary elections in September.

The foreign forces have lost more than 2000 men in Afghanistan since 2001. US has decided to slowly start moving out of the country of Afghanistan from the mid of 2011, and completely hand over the country to the Afghanistan forces by 2014.


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