Asia Bizz: CBI Accused By Jethmalani, For Leaking Charge Sheet Against Amit Shah

Ram Jethmalani, eminent Lawyer and BJP MP has accused the CBI in leaking the charge sheet against former Gujarat minister Amit Shah, in the Sohrabuddin encounter case.

Image Source PTI

Mr. Jethmalani stated that charge sheet is available with the media but not with the accused, this is all CBI’s fault. Some parts of the charge sheet were regularly being published in the newspapers, but the Shah did not even have a copy of the sheet.

Jethmalani consistently condemned the CBI and said this is unfair. But on the other hand a senior lawyer has stated that copy of the sheet has been sent to Amit Shah. Jethmalani, soon as he took the oath of being an MP in Rajya Sabha for Rajasthan, he went to Ahmadabad to support Shah.

He stated that he had no issues of the interrogations but the questionings should have been recorded. The court had ordered that the interrogation to be video recorded.

Sources : The Hindu


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