The authorities in the city of Weifang in the Shandong Province of Chine are now looking forward to cracking down on the use of Aldicarb, which is a highly toxic pesticide. The China Central Television was responsible for the illegal sale and use of the chemical.


Aldicarb is considered to be one of the most poisonous pesticides which is being used in China. The Ministry of Agriculture Regulations has mentioned that the pesticide can use used on just five plants and that too under serious restrictions. However, CCTV has found that the pesticide is being overused by about three to six times the standard amount for ginger, which is not listed, but the farmers know about its toxicity.

One of the female farmers said, “We don’t use it for the ginger we eat ourselves”. The news has spread like wildfire on the internet and people have expressed concerns over the safety of ginger, as well as the pollution of the soil.

On the other hand, the president of China’s Crop protection Industry Association said that he did not think that the situation was bad. He said that the effect of pesticides might last for more than a season, but at the same time the effect of Aldicarb on soil and underground water would not be that big.


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