Now that the American airline company Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners have started solving their problems, an engine on a Bombardier CRJ200 (which is operated by the Japan Airlines) has caught on fire. The incident happened on May 6, 2013 when the flight landed at the Osaka International Airport. There were 52 passengers on the flight with three crew members.


The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry said that no injuries have been reported so far. Reports further added that the flight was moving along the taxiway at around 12: 15 pm and the display in the cockpit had shown that the fire had broken out on one of the two engines.

The ministry went on to say that the engine was then stopped and the fire extinguishing system was turned on, after which the emergency sign went off. Later, a mechanic found some traces of fire in the engine. Three inspectors will be sent to Osaka by the Japan Transport Safety Board on Tuesday, to find out the exact cause of fire.

The airport which serves the Hyogo and Osaka Prefectures in Western Japan, now just serves domestic flights. The airline said that the passengers were not affected due to the fire. The plane was scheduled to fly on Monday from Osaka to Hakodate, Hokkaido and back.


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