Asia Bizz: Internet Addresses To Exhaust In 12 Months From Now

The experts claim that the internet addresses would be getting over within 12 months from now. And functioning by the internet providers will result in expensive internet connections and broken applications.


They informed that the internet protocol IPv4 provides just 4 billion IP addresses per computer, website or any other device that has internet connection.

The present condition states to have just 232 million IP addresses remaining and the maximum time left for this to get exhaust is 340 days, to be precise.

John Lindsay, Carrier Relations Manager at Internode, an internet service provider (ISP) said, “When the IPv4 protocol was developed 30 years ago, it seemed to be a reasonable attempt at providing enough addresses, bearing in mind that at that point personal computers didn’t really exist.”

The experts did found a solution for this problem like creating a totally new protocol IPv6 that will cater trillions of addresses per person. But the investments for this are very high and no one is taking their feet ahead to invest in this project.


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