Asia Bizz: New BP Chief Elected – New Oil Spill Reported On Kalamazoo River

As the new Chief elected by BP, Robert Dudley, took the oath of being the Chief on Tuesday,but oil workers in Michigan and Louisiana were fighting against two but minor oil spills.

Oil Spill Michigan

Pic: Jonathon Gruenke

Robert Dudley became the first non-Britisher to become the Chief of BP. However, the company has to curb with a cost of $32.2 billion during the oil spill, out of which BP claims that it would be seeking of a $9.9 Billion tax credit.

Out going BP chief, Tony Hayward, was asked about the tax credit issue, he stated that they are working as per the IRS regulations, as it is written by the IRS itself. Hayward is scheduled to leave the company by the 1st of October. Dudley who was overseeing the gulf relief operations has been elected to be the next Chief.

Hayward himself stated, that life isn’t just fair and that BP cannot move into US with him as the CEO. The White House had not been to impressed with his comment which he had made during the oil spill catastrophe.

An Enridge oil spill int the Kalamazoo river in southern Michigan has reportedly become a threat to the ecosystem and has even been named the worst oil spill in the mid-west.

Source: HeraldNet


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