Electronics giant Sony has announced that it is all set to begin the manufacturing of its PlayStation 3 in Brazil. The company has decided to manufacture the devices in Brazil in order to provide better support for the customers in America.


With the new manufacturing arrangement, the gamers will have more localized games and packages in the region. The company stated on its official blog that the localized games will include the 250 GB console, bundled with ‘God OF War: Ascension’ for $1,099.

Moreover, Sony also announced that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be launched in fully localized version in Brazil, to be followed by a subtitle version of Grand Theft Auto V, set to be launched later this year. Andrew House, the Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. president said that manufacturing the PS3 in Brazil will also benefit the local gamers, developers and retailers.

House said, “Sony Computer Entertainment continues to invest in the Brazil game market as part of our long-term commitment to the country and its gamers. The local manufacture of PlayStation 3 is expected to infuse the Brazilian economy with approximately $300 million over the next 12 months.” The PlayStation 2 was officially launched in Brazil in the year 2009.



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