Asia Bizz: Anna Fermanova – 24 Year Old Russian’s Arrest In March Compared To Spy Ring

Anna Fermanova, 24, has been arrested in the US when she was reportedly trying to smuggle U.S night vision rifle scopes from U.S.A to Russia. She was held at the JFK airports when she was trying to board a Moscow bound flight, in March 2010. She has been detained by the U.S, for trying to export arms with license.

Anna Fermanova
Anna Fermanova (Pic: Facebook)

The case is being trying to be linked with Russian Spy Anna Chapman, who was 28 years old and was arrested along with 10 Russians on account of spying. Fermanova has been arrested on the 15th July from her parents home in Dallas, Texas.

She has been convicted of smuggling rifles with scopes and one of them had night vision in it, as per the court statement. The rifle numbers had been hidden by a marker pen. The court ruled out her connection in the spy ring case.


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