The country of China is facing a huge crisis in the number of male nurses these days. The demand for male nurses is extremely large, as they represent less than one percent of the total nursing population. The Chinese Nursing Association (CNA) expressed concern regarding this issue and also revealed some new facts about the demand in the job market.


CNA member Cheng Gen, who is in charge of the male nurse-related work, said that male nurses are expected to be very popular in the future job market, considering a very small current number and a huge market demand. Gen added that male nurses generally work in the intensive care units, cardiovascular department, emergency medicine department and mental disease department of the hospital.

The number of people with such diseases is increasing every day, especially in larger cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Cheng also said that out of 60,000 registered nurses in Beijing, more than 2,000 are men, accounting for three percent which is a share higher than the average of the nation.

In the past, men were very reluctant to stay on as nurses and many left their jobs due to low pay and limited career development. The Health and Family Planning Commission states that working conditions and remunerations of the nurses have improved in recent years.