A major Chinese news agency has stated that USA should change its policy, and should consider China as major player on the World stage. The statement came as China felt the the US is interfering without having any international in the territorial dispute int the South China Sea.


The agency has also stated that as Obama has praised China and is welcoming the country on a world stage, these words needed to be backed with actions. And if the U.S. fails to recognize China as a strong player in the global market, then the relations between the two countries could be hampered. And if there is a dispute in the ties, then it will not only be a negative impact to both the nations, but also to the whole world.

The U.S. – Chinese relations will not only be better for the countries in the Southeast Asia, but also to the whole world, as they want peace and prosperity to be enveloped in these regions, no one wants a disputed US-Sino relation.


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