Autorickshaws in Delhi will have to keep GPS in meters on ‘switch-on’ mode from now on. Orders were issued by the Delhi Government to the transport department. Ramakant Goswami, the transport minister said that the weights and measures department must be brought in to check the correctness of fare metes which are installed in the vehicles.


The minister also added that the system of punching driver’s license and registration certificates of autos was found to be violating the rules. He assured the media that this problem will be worked out soon. The department has also been instructed to work out a schedule for the installation of the GPS systems in older autos.

An official from the transport department said, “The public needs to be educated about checking whether the GPS system is functioning in the auto they are on”. Recent attempts were being made after complaints of refusals and fare meter tampering. The government announced that it will set up a committee for better monitoring of the GPS data.

The committee will be giving suggestions related to the pre-paid system and color marking on autos which will indicate their direction of movement and, in return, this will reduce cases of refusal. Special enforcement drives will also be started at railway stations, airports and bus terminals.