Asia Bizz: Poll Shows That Majority Of Pakistan Citizens Feel India Is Threatening

When a poll was taken under the Pew Research Center in Pakistan, to find the opinion of people regarding US and India, results show that they still think that India poses dangerous threat to Pakistan and US is their immediate enemy. Even though everyone knows what happening in Pakistan now days, the people consider India and US enemies and have forgotten about Taliban and Al-Qaeda who roam in their land in broad daylight.

India Pak

When the people were asked who they think is their biggest enemy, India, Taliban or the Al-Qaeda, more than half of the folks (53%) said India. But still some of the crowd did believe that they want to improve ties with India, and some even insisted to increase the trade relations with India.

Even when the US is fueling Pakistan billions of dollars of arms aid, Pakistan (59%), still thinks that America is their major enemy, and only 8% of the Pakistani citizens feel that Obama can be trusted. Pakistani people witness very little threat from the extremists, Taliban and the Al-Qaeda, only 25% of the people feel that it would be unfair if these extremists took over Afghanistan.

State Department spokes person, P.J. Crowely stated, that it now seems that there is a huge trust deficit between US and Pakistan. And in recent months US is working really hard to improve the relations with the Islamic country.


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