Asia Bizz: Income Tax India E-Filing – More Flexible Way Of Tax Filing

The number of Tax filings is in India is increasing year by year, and the amount of filings done by people with the IT department has also increased the work load of the people in the department.

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So now the Income Tax department has decided to go the technological way, E-filing has been introduced by the IT department of India, so that filing becomes more convenient for tax filers from now on.

In the current population of India, 25% of the people are under the age of 25, which means the usage of such services will certainly increase in the future. The IT department has taken support from technology initiatives like the eRIs or the e-Return Intermediaries, from the websites like, who have developed the service like working on tax filing by one-self system.

This process is known as the e-filing which is more convenient to tax filers when they need to submit their returns. The process is easy and simple and not complicated at all. Tax filers just need to follow the steps mentioned in the software which is used to create an e-file.


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