Robert M. Gates, the U.S. Secretary of Defense made a clear point on Sunday by stating that the U.S. documents leak on WikiLeaks has made it clear that Taliban announcement, that they will be going through the U.S. documents, indicates a clear threat to lives of the Afghan people who have been informers to the U.S. forces.


Mr. Gates stated that the CIA is investigating the person or the people who provided the documents to the Australian activist and website runner Julian Assange. By providing such documents to the website,and making the names of the Afghan citizens public has made Mr. Julian earn the title of being “mortified, appalled”. He stated that Wikileaks has published them even without thinking of the fact, that what could be the consequences.

The Times has provided a request by the administration, asking Wikileaks to not publish names of informants, as this could possibly put their lives in danger.


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