On May 27, 2013, China pledged that it will tighten work safety supervision and improve official accountability system in the wake of a major industrial accident last week. Measures to improve work safety were taken by the State Council in high-risk sectors, including coal mining, fireworks, roads, transportation and dangerous chemicals.

china safety

At the plenary meeting of the Cabinet’s Work Safety Commission it was decided that the Asian country will continue to create unified safety standards that will be applied nationwide and improve emergency assistance and risk prevention capabilities.

This recent move was taken after the deaths of 33 people in an explosion on May 20, 2013 in a three-story workshop of a plant that was owned by Poly Explosives Co. Ltd in Zhangqiu City of east China’s Shangdong province.

The top procuratorate of China is investigating whether duty-related crimes might have contributed to the deadly blast. The official data has revealed that at least 291 people have been killed in fireworks accidents over the past two years. After the incident, the safety of workers has become a major issue due to which it has become essential and mandatory to take safety and preventive measures. Knowing this will also boost the confidence of workers.


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