Asia Bizz: Various Types Of Computer Networks And Network Topology

There are as many as eight various types of networks.

1. Local Area Network (LAN)

2. Wide Area Network (WAN)

3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

4. Personal Area Network (PAN)

5. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

6. Desk Area Network (DAN)

7. Campus / Controller / Cluster Area Network (CAN)

8. Storage / System / Server Area Network (SAN)


These area networks originated with LAN and WAN, these were the basic area networks; the rest of them eventually arose with the increasing technology.

Local Area Network is used for a shorter distance. Say for example, within the same office building, school or home. Lan usually owned/ controlled/ managed single handedly.

Wide Area Network, as the name itself suggest is the network used ‘widely’. It has no area limitation. It is used on universal level.

Network topology is the virtual shape and structure of a network. Topology is basically the interconnection of different elements of a computer network. There are two types of Topologies- Physical and logical.