An oil tank blast caused a fire on June 2, 2013, in which two people have been severely injured and two others have been reported missing in the Liaoning province. Explosions were heard at an oil refinery in Dalian in Northeast China and after the blasts, heavy black smoke was seen in the sky.

china oil tank

The refinery belongs to China National Petroleum Corporation and the firefighters have arrived at the location. Rescuers have said that the fire is under control, but two people are missing while other two are injured. The cause of the blast is still not known.

One of the tanks which exploded contained residual diesel oil. The explosion happened around 2:20 pm at a PetroChina outlet in the port city of Dalian. This caused a nearby tank to burst into flames. More than 300 firefighters were mobilized to put out the fire by 4:30 pm.

The tank storage which was hit by the blast was part of the PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company. It was being renovated so the production could resume later in 2013. During the incident, four people were at the site. The injured were hospitalized, while doctors said that they were both in life-threatening conditions.


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