It was reported on June 4, 2013, that the city of Beijing will be offering six senior official posts to the public, with an annual pay of 200,000 yuan. Those six people will take positions of senior executives of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of Transport and Administrative Commission of Economic – Technological Development Area.

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Beijing Municipal Organization Department had jointly announced the employment with Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau. All candidates interested in these positions must be Chinese nationals and younger than 45. The process will include written tests, comprehensive evaluation and interviews.

Candidates who get selected will be employed on a contract basis of 2 to 3 years. Employees will be evaluated in work performance, which will also include ability and morality. People who fail this evaluation will be fired right away. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security official, Liang Yuping, said that it is possible that employees will have an annual pay of 300 to 400 thousand yuan, which is four times that of an ordinary section chief.

High salary offered for these posts will increase their importance and nourish honesty. Liang added that it is difficult to find high-end talents with backgrounds in areas of international technology or biological medicine through system of civil servants.


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