South Korean superstar Psy, who shot to international fame with his catchy single ‘Gangnam Style’, has now become the face of Korean tourism. The singer will be appearing in a series of new TV commercials, aiming to promote Korean culture to audience around the world.


The TV commercials, which last 15 seconds each, started airing on June 3, 2013 on biggest TV networks. Commercials aired in countries with the highest number of visitors to Korea, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Thailand. They will also air on global TV channels such as CNN, National Geographic and Discovery.

Lee Charm, CEO of the Korea Tourism Organization, at a press conference regarding the launch of commercials said, “Psy is a cultural icon now. No one has ever made such a huge impact as Psy”. Lee went on to say that they expect to see more exposure, which Psy is capable of bringing to the new commercial. All six episodes of commercials feature a unique concept of the Korean culture, as well as scenes that represent that concept.

The singer speaks the words that symbolize every concept and acts in order to portray the concept. Psy finished shooting of the TV commercials in April 2013.


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